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Bronx Documentary Center Conversation of Violence against women in Mexico
victoria razo
Jul 23, 2021
Location: New York City
Please join photographer Victoria Razo as she presents her exhibited work Resilience.The United Nations (UN), through the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, affirmed that in México 10.5 women are murdered a day, a figure registered by the National Citizen Observatory of Femicide (ONCF), making the State of Mexico and Veracruz in the most dangerous places for Mexican women.Victoria Razo is a photojournalist who has since the beginning of her career, portrayed the violence that is exercised towards women from different realities, has followed the search of mothers looking for their missing relatives, has documented stories of domestic violence, as well as has been present in the latest demonstrations of women who have become the most violent of the last decade, documenting the formation of the first black bloc of women, who seek to defend themselves from the violations of their human rights that are executed daily.Victoria will discuss what it is like to be a photojournalist in México, a place that has been considered one of the most dangerous places to practice this profession and also to live a normal life as a woman.

Victoria Razo

Victoria Razo is an award-winning photographer working on Human Rights, gender, migration, and environmental stories.
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